Renewable Energy, a Praiseworthy thy Opcion

Renewable Energy, a Praiseworthy thy Opcion


Cuba, like any other developing country, needs above all to conserve resources for electric power generation, which is why studies are underway to make it possible in the not-so-distant future to extensively develop renewable energy. The goal is to meet the country's growing demand and to protect the environment.

Renewable Energy, a Praiseworthy thy OpcionAccording to a study assessing Cuba's wind energy potential (from 1991 to 1998), Cuba has good conditions in several regions, such as the northern area that stretches from Villa Clara (central province) to Guantanamo (in the east), where strong winds make it possible to install machinery for that purpose. In addition, the northern cays hold good potential for setting up wind farms.

Another possibility that is being explored and utilized is solar energy, based on the fact that this island has a tropical climate. The installation of solar panels, especially at state institutions and major hotels, has made it possible to step up conservation of traditional fuels.

Renewable Energy, a Praiseworthy thy OpcionIn essence, Cuba is taking sure steps to achieve, in the medium term, an electric power industry that is capable of meeting the country's needs by using national resources, including Cuban oil and renewable energy sources, which will result in many economic benefits for this archipelago.