Servisa, Guaranteed Cuban Tourism

Servisa, Guaranteed Cuban Tourism


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SERVISA S.A. is a company belonging to the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, designed to provide support services through a number of activities that ensure a sustainable Cuban tourist product and guarantee full customer satisfaction.

With three core business lines offering a variety of different services, this innovative company is continuously evolving and striving for customer satisfaction. SERVISA S.A. has become an essential pillar of Cuba’s leisure industry. Services provided are the following:

Praise for Biodiversity Protection in Cuba

Sanitization Specialists in leasing, cleaning and maintenance of hotel linens as well as other fabrics and surfaces. Here, the newest technologies are used for guaranteed care and durability, essential for top quality in the tourism industry. With service excellence as its premise, Servisa ensures optimal quality and satisfaction for each of its underlying brands: Unicorn (laundry services and linen rental), Unimax (dry cleaning services), Lironda (cleaning and sanitizing services for the building, area and equipment) and Donaire (clothing services).

Food production Three brands make up this line: Alondra Lines, Algusto and D´Gusto, offering varied food options such as pastries,sweets, ice cream, breads, cold meats and sausages, sure to delight the most refined palates. As an added value, artisanal methods and natural materials are used during food production which make for better texture, flavor and nutritional content. Catering and buffet services are also offered for an integral service.

Praise for Biodiversity Protection in Cuba

Transportation and workshops Servisa offers specialized workshops which include maintenance, automotive repair, sheet metal and paint, upholstery, thorough cleaning of the vehicle in addition to other services such as the supply of drinking water for the hotel network in tank trucks and cargo transportation, and is now focused on product redesign to satisfy the demands of the market.

As a company with a global focus it also pro vides other complementary services such as:

Messaging, customs and freight forwarding The Cubanacan Express branch has various service lines among which is Customs and Forwarding, a service which deals with the procedures for dealing with the import and export of conventional cargo and containers via sea, land and air. Also offered are services such as customs brokerage, export management, cargo handling, consultation and information, freight forwarding, customs procedures for fairs, events, exhibitions and land transportation. In addition, it provides courier service for the receipt and distribution of national and international documents, samples, medicines and consumer products, with speed, security and reliability, an effective service in accordance to customs regulations.

Technical services The SERTEC Branch provides specialized technical services for the assembly, installation and commissioning of equipment for laundry, engineering and project, as well as the repair and maintenance of technological equipment, while securing accessories and spare parts, thereby ensuring the continuity of the production processes of all laundries, dry cleaners and ice cream factories in the country.