SERVISA S. A. for all preferences

SERVISA S. A. for all preferences


By Mercy Ramos, Photos: Courtesy of Horizonte Constructora

SERVISA S.A. manages support services for the Cuban tourist sector and tailors its product portfolio to the demands of the markets it serves. One of its fundamental business lines is food production.

D’Gusto is the umbrella brand that markets these products, and its ongoing research and innovation efforts result in the regular release of new products to satisfy client demand.

SERVISA S. A. for all preferences

Currently focused on strengthening and developing its broad baked goods range, not only in order to meet and exceed the standards of its hotel and nonhotel clients, but also to satisfy the contemporary preference for healthier, more nutritious products. D’Gusto’s sub-brand Algusto specializes in baked goods and lives up to its slogan—“for the most discerning palate”—using traditional techniques to produce a varied selection of breads, cakes and pastries.

The bakery will soon add donuts to its range, a product that is in high demand among its clients, extending the existing line that caters to hotel buffets as well as restaurants, cafés and bakeries.

The range also encompasses a wide array of breads from wholewheat, multigrain and rye through Mediterranean and German styles, traditional Cuban soft and hard-crust breads, and basics such as white sliced loaves and hamburger and hotdog buns.

Innovations in the pastry range include the introduction of much-solicited tart-based pastries that will soon join the existing range of savoury and fruit pastries. The current range of croissants and related French pastries will soon incorporate a wholewheat croissant option for the health-conscious.

A high-quality patisserie line comprises the final section of the catalogue, featuring an ample selection of mainly cream-based cakes for special moments.