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A solid and safe path in Cuba

By: Fidel Alejandro Manzanares Fernández
A solid and safe path in Cuba

Among the leading companies in the sale of wire, metal and other articles in Cuba is the company Derivados del Acero (DA), in existence for over three decades, thanks to a wide range of products certified as high quality.
A solid and safe path in Cuba
Part of the Steelworking Industry Business Group (GESIME), belonging to the Ministry of Industry, the group leads the domestic market with metal- mechanical articles, parts, components and accessories for domestic and agricultural use.

The factories that make up the company were created in 1963 to promote the country’s development, when the then minister of the sector, Ernesto &Che" Guevara, founded the first of its kind in Nuevitas, Camagüey.

Since February of that year, the Wires and Electrodes Base Business Unit in the coastal town has made a series of productions, which in 2019 alone allowed it to contribute more than 1,360 tons of items.
A solid and safe path in Cuba
Located in the north, Nuevitas is one of the main industrial cities in the country. Its metallurgical plant is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean island, and has four production workshops: wire drawing, galvanizing, braiding and electrodes

The list of the main products includes drawn wire, black annealed wire, galvanized wire, barbed wire, as well as staples for fences and electrodes for welding.

Derivados del Acero also has another factory in Minas, capable of manufacturing nails and various types of mesh.
A solid and safe path in Cuba
In 2021, the contribution was crucial in the implementation of the area’s Housing Program, although at present we are going through a more complicated situation due to the global economic outlook," said Mariela Barroso Hechavarría, General Director of Derivados del Acero, to this magazine.

However, the company can boast of excellent work, with a series of products certified by the Bureau Veritas with the NC-ISO 9001:2015 standard, which has enabled it to triumph, even beyond its borders.

In recent times, DA’s plans in Camagüey include the delivery of an average of more than 1,000 tons of products per year to clients from the Ministries of Agriculture, Construction, Domestic Trade and Public Health, and the Azcuba and Tabacuba business groups.


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