Transtur's Basic Premise: Satisfying the Clients

Transtur's Basic Premise: Satisfying the Clients


Transtur business group, the leading transportation and car rental company for the Cuban tourism industry, exhibits a wide range of services, based on topnotch quality.

Transtur's Basic Premise: Satisfying the ClientsEstablished more than three decades ago, Transtur boasts a rental fleet of 850 buses and 7,500 cars, with an assortment of different brands and models; a fleet which is systematically renewed when required to ensure that clients are provided with safe, reliable vehicles for their adventures.

The company watches over the quality of services offered to its clients with intense scrutiny to enforce the high standard for which each office is responsible for maintaining. Hence, every time Transtur makes new fleet purchases, there is a great number of stringent technical conditions and requirements imposed on suppliers.

To achieve customer satisfaction, Transtur maintains 21 offices in all Cuban provinces, so that travelers have the option of renting a car anywhere on the island.

Transtur's Basic Premise: Satisfying the ClientsThere are also, if needed, several repair shops that include roadside service and assistance in case of a breakdown, no matter how far off the beaten path clients might be. In 2011, Transtur achieved its Business Group Quality Management System Certification.

If you choose to vacation in Cuba and use Transtur services, you can be certain that you will receive customized attention with excellent customer service representatives that will strive to meet all the company's travel guarantees.