US and Cuba, associations agree to safeguard the sea

US and Cuba, associations agree to safeguard the sea


 The maritime zone between the United States and Cuba will receive special attention to preserve, care for and conserve it by virtue of an agreement recently signed in Havana between Cuba’s Hemingway International Yacht Club (HIYC) and the International SeaKeepers Society (ISKS). Both signers of the agreement, HIYC Commodore José Miguel Díaz Escrich and ISKS President and CEO Dean C. Klevan, stressed the importance of the signed document to facilitate their participatory missions in Cuba and the US.

According to Klevan, the US and Cuba have the same sea in common and whatever happens in the future with that sea is in the hands of both countries. “We signed a collaboration agreement to guarantee the future of that sea,” Klevan noted.

Díaz Escrich stated that with the signing of the collaboration agreement “we show the world that our club is not only a water sports association, but also one willing to work to preserve the sea; the same sea that separates us now is the one uniting us.”

The International SeaKeepers Society is a non-political, non-profit international institution based in Monaco and the USA. Founded in 1998, its members are opinion leaders who believe that the best way to protect the environment is to protect the world’s seas.