Cuba Industria

The Electronics Industry Company, located in Havana’s neighborhood Boyeros, with30 years of experience, is without doubt much more than just an available option in the market. The EIE is the leading company in Cuban appliances, all thanks to its efficient methods, modern infrastructure and flexible business model.

Our company’s high production rate aims to satisfy Cuban consumers’ demand, but above all to contribute to the nation’s industrial development.

At Atec we are committed to the environment. Our products are green and we have strict recycling policies. We focus on efficient use and constant development of our technology, machinery and equipment, for an industry of the future. Our extraordinary staff and its commitment to the company’s mission is our most important asset.

We manufacture and sell a vast line of products such as: * TV’s * Monitors * Induction hobs * LED lights * Cable boxes (STB’s) * Washing machines

All our products feature elegant designs which are both appealing and functional. Our trademark is quality products and competitive prices. Manufacturing/ Manufacturing of appliances and electronic equipment Services/Warranty technical services and post-sale.

Avenida 349 No.18001 entre 180 y 160 Reparto Primero de Mayo, Municipio Boyeros, La Habana, Cuba. C.P. 19210 Phone: +53 7683 7203 https: //