Empresa Derivados del Acero, We are a high performance entity

Empresa Derivados del Acero, We are a high performance entity

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When it comes to the production and commercialization of wire derivatives, mechanical metal articles, parts, components, and accessories for industrial, domestic, and agricultural use, as well as of construction and nonstandard elements, in high demand in Cuba, reference must be made of the Empresa Derivados del Acero (Steel Derivatives Company). The company has built up a record of excellence, backed up by three decades in existence. It is located in Nuevitas municipality in Camagüey province, and reports to the Grupo Empresarial de la Industria Sidero Mecánica (GESIME), part of the Ministerio de Industrias (MINDUS).

Derivados del Acero (Steel Derivatives) was born with the merger of several factories and is distinguished by the strength of its work, and the prestige of its products, certified by the Buro Veritas with the NC-ISO 9001-2015 Standard, thereby establishing itself not only in the national market, but also continuing to position itself in the international market with strengthened presence.

Empresa Derivados del Acero, We are a high performance entity

They are a high performance entity, the company plays a fundamental role in the economic recovery of our country, exporting and substituting imports that are used in tourism, agriculture, construction, housing, merging companies for the recovery of raw materials, Zona Especial de Desarrollo Mariel and ALMEST Real Estate Company in the tourism sector, among others. The company specializes in the production and marketing of steel wire and its derivatives, coated electrodes for welding, netting.

Main products UEB Metalúrgica Gonzalo Esteban Lugo (Nuevitas Camagüey): drawn wire, annealed wire, smooth galvanized wire of different calibers, barbed wire, fence clamps and welding electrodes.

UEB Derivados del Alambre (Minas, Camagüey): nails, electro-welded wire mesh, galvanized chain link mesh, plastic coated chain link mesh, and pig netting.

Stripping and drawing workshops The low carbon steel wire rod is stripped, that is, surface cleaned with different technologies, and drawn to reduce its diameter, as required. Rolls of 100kg are sold: smooth steel wire, corrugated wire, welding electrodes, nails, electro-welded mesh and as raw material for the production of galvanized wire. Deliveries are made depending on the customer’s request.

Galvanizing workshops Galvanizing consists of annealing and coating the drawn wire with a zinc layer of 65 to 105 grams per square meter that protects it from corrosion. It is supplied in rolls whose dimensions vary according to the customer’s requirements. The diameters of the wire obtained range from 1.6 millimeters to 5.50 millimeters and among its many applications is the production of: metal meshes, clamps and barbed wire.

Barbed Wire Workshop Barbed wound wire is obtained on special machines by twisting two or more strands twisted together with galvanized wire, intertwined with string segments forming barbed knots. This product is suitable for livestock fencing, planting land boundaries and other uses. The weight of the rolls and the packing is done according to the client’s request.

Welding Electrodes Workshop Here welding electrodes are produced from coated drawn wires. They are used for general purpose welds in all positions including downstream. They are manufactured in diameters of 2.5, 3.25, 4 and 5 millimeters in lengths of 300, 350 and 450 millimeters. The electrodes are packed in 5 kg cardboard boxes.

Wire Derivative Plant in Minas Composed of two workshops specialized in the production of high-demand items: Nail workshop and Mesh workshop.

Nail Workshop: Nails are normally made from drawn wire. They can be flat head or half head with dimensions from 1.6 to 5.5 millimeters in diameter, with lengths from 10 millimeters to 150 millimeters, that is, from 3/8 to 6 inches. Depending on the client’s request, they can be delivered in boxes from 1kg to 5kg.

Mesh Workshop Various types of mesh are produced in this workshop: rectangular knotted mesh known as pig wire netting and the laminated chainlink and non-laminated chain link known as pearl netting. This is a single square link weave galvanized steel wire mesh that can be plastic coated. They are suitable for fencing in perimeter areas of all types of facilities.

Electro welded mesh workshop This type of mesh is manufactured with a new technology acquired in 2016. The lowcarbon wire rod is drawn in the same workshop using a cold rolling process. A mesh is produced with parallel wires in two perpendicular directions with a width between 1100 millimeters to 2800 millimeters. The length of the rolls can be up to 50 meters and the cloths between 4 and 6 meters long. Among its various uses is the construction of precast elements, floors and foundation slabs.

It has as advantages that in the separation of the steels it allows a better uniformity of the load, saving on steel and labor, it is more economical in laying time and minimizes the use of wire for tying.

Calle Avellaneda, No. 411, e/ San José y Francisquito, Camagüey. Phone: +53 5213 6600 +53 5285 0955 Email: odalys@dacero.cu