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EMTA Cuba’s steel industry leader

EMTA Cuba’s steel industry leader

Founded some five years ago when several smaller companies merged, EMTA (Empresa Mecánica de Transformado del Acero or Mechanical Steel Covnverstion Company) is today the largest in the country and considered leader in steel production and steel parts manufacture.

Under the umbrella of the iron, steel and recycling industry group GESIME, attached to the Cuban Industry Ministry, EMTA is made up of sub companies: D’AVILA, JOVETA, PROMECA, D’ACERO and FAME.

Its main objective is to design, produce and market warehouses, cold-formed profiles, metal roof tiles, modular constructions, steel tanks, road fenders, complete plants, equipment, metal structures, open and closed coldformed scaffolds and pallets and their components, as well as PVC or aluminum carpentry and reinforced polyester fibreglass products.

EMTA Cuba’s steel industry leader

EMTA also provides technical advisory services, repair and maintenance, rental, assembly and disassembly, installation and product commissions, with scope for turnkey delivery.

EMTA’s work also covers product development, integration and marketing in the following areas: engineering, technology, equipment and parts, plus associated services and construction systems. Its work is carried out with professionalism and loyalty to its national and international clients, supported by a highly qualified workforce made up of experts in their field with experience, specialization and production capacity. It is a continuously improving national network that has over time created an entire industrial culture and built an organization ready to face bigger challenges.

EMTA’s team of engineers and designers have all the necessary preparation and knowledge to make them capable of developing formidable projects that have generated a variety of products unique in the national metal-mechanic sector.

It has its sights set on being a leader in metal conversion, construction systems and associated services across the national market as well as in the Latin America and Caribbean markets, backed by many years of experience and highly skilled human capital geared towards customer satisfaction.

EMTA, in accordance with the regulations established by the country, is open to foreign investment that contributes to the development of this important national industry.

The company has a specific project proposal for interested foreign investors consisting of a joint venture to create a ferrous and non-ferrous metal service center to produce and distribute of steel products.

The aim is to process iron and steel products to international standards, converting them industrially according to the needs and technological capacities of the national industry, to build production, service and logistics capacities that meet national and export demand.

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