GESIME. Looking to the future

GESIME. Looking to the future

Cuba Industria


The Grupo Empresarial de la Industria Sidero Mecánica (GESIME) is the leading business organization in this field in Cuba, which with more than 45 years of experience is characterized by its high technical, productive level and the specialization of its human resources.

Gesime: Looking to the future

GESIME is made up of 54 companies that offer a wide range of products and services associated with the steel and metalworking industries. Currently, the business group is carrying out several investment processes that will enable modernization, sustainability and widening of the productive capacities of their industries, in order to satisfy growing demand in the national and foreign market. It also focuses on new product development and has a wide portfolio of business opportunities for foreign investment in Cuba. Its principal manufacture includes carbon steel rods and billets and derivatives, as well as a variety of equipment, machinery, industrial plants, parts, spare parts, implements, supplies and tools for various economic lines. Noteworthy are the equipment, machinery and systems for agriculture, such as: the cane harvesters, self-propelled transporters, trailers, irrigation machines and systems; as well as diverse agricultural implements: cultivating tillers, breaking harrows, trowels, integral disc plows, leveling blades, etc. For the food industry, their companies develop canning factories, small businesses for fruit and vegetable processing, processing plants for citrus, fruit and dairy and grain storage and drying; they also produce milk vats, water purification plants, stainless steel and carbon steel, packaging and metallic containers.

Contact: Carretera Toledo No. 18449 e/ 184 y Autopista 3, Boyeros, La Habana. Phone: (+53) 72633401 Export: (+53) 72633439 Business: (+53) 76450405 Email: Facebook: Twitter: @osdegesime Instagram: Youtube: OSDE GESIME