Sensations and Flavour, avant-garde and tradition in the culinary art

Sensations and Flavour, avant-garde and tradition in the culinary art



For the Hernández-González family, culinary art and gastronomic service are an essential part of their lives. Wih a long-standing tradition, the legacy continues in the latest generation. With the La Rosa Negra restaurant, Diego Hernández began to develop his own product, focusing on, above all, good taste, refinement and the upholding of Cuban and international gastronomy. He currently runs another establishment; The Cathedral, established in 2013, which maintains that the original level of quality.

The client can taste dishes of high gastronomic level from a national and foreign recipebook, as well as a diversity of cocktails and distinctive drinks from Cuba and around the world. The service leaves the consumer feeling comfortable, who in turn gives customer loyalty as the reward. Mercy (Mercedes González), Diego’s niece, began to venture into this sector several years ago as an employee, indeed in her uncle’s restaurant. The experience gained during her time there gave her the ability to begin, almost a year ago, the challenge of running the Mercy Bar- Café together with her husband Alain Cruz. The space has the quality of attracting the public for very specific reasons: its natural beauty and unique look, the positive energy that emanates from the young couple of entrepreneurs and the chillout music in the background.

Various offers make up the menu, with signature dishes like the Mercy Burger and the Piña Colada served in coconuts, to enjoy and share with friends and family in a special and magical setting by the sea.