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La Barca a place for coming back

By: Mercy Ramos - Photos: Ferval
La Barca a place for coming back

On the avenue that runs along the Port of Havana, the Avenida del Puerto, stands the Súrez building, from which one can see the arrival and departure of every ship in the bay. It is also the location of the La Barca restaurant, exceptional for its magnificent culinary offers and excellent service. Formerly the headquarters of various British entities, the Súrez building had fallen into ruin until the Havana City Historian’s Office decided to restore and rebuild it, and the La Barca restaurant was opened on July 25, 2008.

La Barca a place for coming back

With a capacity for 140, La Barca has an extensive menu, specializing in dishes made with (Canadian) AAA Angus beef in a variety of cuts, and Italian cuisine: pasta, pizza— including the Margarita with olives and tuna pizza—all of them very popular. Seafood and different types of fish are also part of the offer. Currently La Barca has a very special dish, according to Chef William Fernández: the entrecote, a premium cut of beef from the upper rib area, which he personally recommends.

With respect to beverages, diners can enjoy a wide variety of Cuban and international cocktails and a range of wines.

La Barca a place for coming backThe restaurant features two elegant rooms that can be reserved for up to 12 and 25 people, respectively, for holding private dinners, all types of celebrations, and business meetings.

The name La Barca (which means &boat" in Spanish) owes to the well-known and talented Cuban painter Kcho, who built railings in the form of a boat exclusively for this installation. Moreover, a number of his boat-themed paintings can be found in the restaurant. In Kcho’s work, boats and other objects associated with travel by sea, are a recurring theme. La Barca is owned by the Habaguanex company.

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