BellaHabana Restaurant, Meeting the Magic of Flavour

BellaHabana Restaurant, Meeting the Magic of Flavour


By: Lucía Arboláez / Photos by Jorge Pérez and restaurant's courtesy

Surrounded by the greenery and beauty of its garden, the BellaHabana restaurant, with Cuban and international specialties, has gained a reputation as having some of the best cuisine in Havana. 

BellaHabana Restaurant, Meeting the Magic of FlavourAll those visiting the BellaHabana restaurant feel a difference from the very moment they enter the mansion where it is located, on one of the busiest streets in Havana. With a feel of 1950's Havana, and tastefully decorated with pictures of relevant historical places and personalities of the largest city in Cuba, clients are welcomed with style and elegance.

BellaHabana has room for some 50 guests and has three main dining rooms (the Main, Golden and Green) and a solarium. The latter is reserved for smokers and for clients wishing to have a snack or drink outdoors. The menu is undoubtedly designed for the most demanding of palates. After savouring a delicious appetizer, try some of the main dishes like Avila's Pork Loin, Caribbean Queen Rabbit, Tamarind Sauce Lamb, Peppered Fillet, Parmesan Sirloin, and Cuban recipes like Ropa Vieja (Beef Stew), Vaca Frita (Cuban Shredded Beef) and Cuban-Style Potato and Beef Stew.

BellaHabana Restaurant, Meeting the Magic of FlavourFor those who prefer pizza or pasta, BellaHabana has a wide selection of each. Last but not least, patrons are encouraged to sample the diverse menu of spirits and cocktails the house has to offer. Customers wishing special dishes not included in the menu need only to ask, and they will be accommodated with the restaurant's usual terrific and attentive service.

Despite opening only recently, the BellaHabana seems destined to become —if it is not already— a must for both locals and visitors to the Cuban capital. It is hard to find such a place, with diverse and delicious food, a great location, and such reasonable prices.

BellaHabana Restaurant, Meeting the Magic of FlavourTo reserve, please call (53 7) 203 8364 Address: Calle 6ta. No. 512, Miramar, Havana Open Monday to Sunday, from noon to midnight.

VerdehabanaA plentiful and delicious dish Ingredients and preparation:

BellaHabana Restaurant, Meeting the Magic of FlavourTake six large shrimp tails and a previously filleted fish, opened in the middle and shell shaped, that will later be seasoned, grilled and decorated with green sauce.

After cleaning and cooking the shrimp tails, they should be placed on the fillet's opening, as if they were jutting out from the shell. Once prepared, pour over a previously prepared green sauce and surround with crunchy potatoes.

Green sauce preparation:

Prepare an unsalted chiken broth and add onions, parsley and green peppers and cook until thick. Add a teaspoon of olive oil.

Bellahabana CocktailRefreshing and tropical drink

BellaHabana Restaurant, Meeting the Magic of Flavour

2 oz of vodka 6 oz of pineapple juice ½ oz of Kontiki liqueur (based on exotic fruits) Ice cubes

Fill a champagne flute cup with ice cubes and add vodka and pineapple juice. Slowly add the liqueur while stirring with a cocktail spoon. Decorate with pineapple slices to shape a crown.