El Bacura,  once visited, you’ll want to return

El Bacura, once visited, you’ll want to return


By: Mercedes Ramos / Photos by Jose (Tito) Meriño

Situated in an environment combining the best of the foliage of the countryside, the beauty of the beach and cityscapes, El Bacura restaurant/bar’s greatest draw is that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Open Monday to Sunday from noon to 10:30 pm, the restaurant is at Celimar beach, 20 minutes from downtown Havana, visited by those seeking relief from the heat of hot tropical summers. El Bacura’s main hall has a rural ambience, with a beautiful waterfall, swept by a sea breeze enjoyed by the customers savouring the delicious dishes, primarily Cuban recipes, but also including international haute cuisine.

El Bacura,  once visited, you’ll want to returnFor special events, family parties or other celebrations, there is an air-conditioned lounge, 20 people max, available for clients after prior reservation.

On the top floor, El Bacura just opened a “tapas” bar, offering the little dishes made to accompany the wide variety of cocktails clients can choose from while watching the beautiful beach view.

If you want to have fun in a unique setting and enjoy a great dinner, come to El Bacura and you’ll be sure to come back.