Melen Club, a Comfy, Friendly Bar and Restaurant

Melen Club, a Comfy, Friendly Bar and Restaurant


By Lucía Arboláez / Photos by Luis Mario Gell

Ever since they began considering the idea of opening a bar and restaurant, the goal of the Meléndez siblings was to provide a comfy, welcoming place where customers would feel at home.

 Melen Club, a Comfy, Friendly Bar and RestaurantAnd that's what they did. In addition to an attractive cocktail menu and subtle, appetizing food, their bar/restaurant has an atmosphere that is made more pleasant by the music, creating an addiction for this place among its customers.

And how did they choose their name? Mercedes tells the story:

“Our story goes back to the past century. Many years ago, in the 1980s, a time of fantastic music, a group of teen-age friends got together in a little corner of this neighbourhood and created a club. But don't think that it was easy to be a member; it had very strict rules. The most important premise was to be cheerful and to be a friend, although the calling card was always a little bottle.”

“They had experiences that they stored away in the memories and energies of this charming little band, like first loves and the first time being drunk. As the years went by, they remembered those times with nostalgia and felt the desire to bring back the past. A few bold souls who were still living in the area and were inspired by the setting and by their passion for nightlife decided to bring the Melen Club back to life…”

 Melen Club, a Comfy, Friendly Bar and RestaurantThe dishes that appear on the menu are both ingenious and sensual. These include croquettes and “brava” fries; chicken with garlic and lemon; and their original “bocaditos” sandwiches. One favourite among the Melen crowd is the Melen octopus, served with olives and aromatic herbs.

In this harmonious, smart bar, one can enjoy well-known cocktails like the Cuba Libre, Mojito, Gin & Tonic and Margarita, or discover diverse combinations, according to the customer's wishes. The Melen Coctel, modern and fragrant, has a real flair, and provides a seductive invitation for the palate.

The bar welcomes you into an ambience coloured in red and grey tones, and you can also enjoy a tranquil dinner there. The Melen opens at 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. In addition to its usual services, it also provides catering for parties, work meetings and other needs. It is especially welcoming for lovers during afternoon gettogethers, with a sociable, relaxed environment.

At the Melen Club, they've thought of everything: the quality service provided by its workers and the personal attention offered by its owners make customers feel like their time in this bar and restaurant will be a memorable one.

Stories of the Melen Club

The lord of the rings

 Melen Club, a Comfy, Friendly Bar and Restaurant

–“He's a bastard! A bastard!” the woman customer said, sitting on the bathroom floor and crying disconsolately.
-“Calm down, we're going to help you out,” we said, but she just kept repeating, “What a bastard!”
-“But can you tell us what happened?”
-“The thing is, he threw our wedding rings in the toilet… and then he flushed!”

Frodo and his escapade

 Melen Club, a Comfy, Friendly Bar and RestaurantOur German shepherd, Frodo, went for a walk one night without permission. And as he passed through the dining room, he decided to test the quality of one of his favourite dishes, the “bravas” croquettes. The owner of the plate asked us, very delicately, “It is normal for the dog to be here among us?”


1st and 46, Playa, La Habana, Cuba