Opera Restaurant: Cuisine for Modern Tastes

Opera Restaurant: Cuisine for Modern Tastes


By Lucía Arboláez, Photos: Emilio Herrera and Luis Mario Gell

Alejandro Dumas, the famous French writer, referring to an authentic gastronomic menu, pointed out, “A menu is like an orchestra, where all notes are in harmony with the set”.

Opera Restaurant: Cuisine for Modern Tastes

Opened less than one year ago, Opera Restaurant is located in a central area of Havana. The owners, a young couple, have established a cozy atmosphere for the place along with excellent service and a very attractive menu with most dishes seasoned with aromatic herbs grown in their own garden.

The meals are prepared with fresh ingredients that are in season. Appetizers, inviting homemade pasta dishes with various sauces as well as dishes based on red and white meats and seafood are just some of the options offered. Side dishes are based on fresh salads and vegetables and varied types of fresh breads made at the restaurant. Traditional Italian dishes as will as vegetarian dishes are on the menu.

Inaugurated in mid-December, 2013, the building, which dates back to the 1920´s, was restored and furnished with simplicity and elegance and is decorated with works of contemporary painters and furniture of that era.

Opera Restaurant: Cuisine for Modern TastesIdeal for business dinners, anniversaries, friends’ meetings, family gatherings and more, Opera Restaurant, with a capacity for 22 diners also takes reservations by telephone by calling (537) 831-2255 or (535) 263-1632 or via e-mail: opera.cuba@gmail.com