Speed in the kitchen: pollo al cartucho

Speed in the kitchen: pollo al cartucho


By Elsy Fors

When we are in a hurry and lack the time to invest in fine culinary creations, one of the best recipes is pollo al cartucho.

No study of cooking has revealed its origin. You’ll scratch your head thinking: What a strange idea!

Ah, but its major attraction is precisely the time needed to make it: 15 minutes.

In Cuba, as in those countries where the majority of women work, but also for men who live alone, time is of extreme importance.

On the other hand, a healthy diet is necessary, as well as something attractive to the palate.

Chicken is prominent among the ingredients on the island, another reason to vary the method of cooking it.

Pollo al cartucho Ingredients

A whole small chicken

5 cloves of garlic



Half a lemon

A medium onion

A cup of butter or oil


Season the chicken and squeeze lemon over it, put garlic and onion on top and also into the abdominal cavity, covering it with butter after.

Place the chicken inside a paper bag previously greased on the inside with butter. Close the brown paper or manilla bag (yellow like those used in offices) In the pressure cooker (express) place two fingers of broth, vegetable or meat, and two fingers of oil, and place the packaged chicken inside.

Place the pressure cooker on the hob, and once it has gained pressure, leave for 15 minutes, turn off and leave the pan on the hot hob. And ready.

It’s important that the chicken is small due to the short cooking time and how extracted is the stock in which it cooks, so that the chicken has lots of flavor.

Suggested side dishes:It can be eaten with white rice or Moorish rice. Also with warm potatoes and carrot salad or cold with lettuce, cabbage, tomato or avocado or you can let your imagination loose.