Traditional New Year’s Eve Grand Dinner in Plaza Vieja with live music show

Traditional New Year’s Eve Grand Dinner in Plaza Vieja with live music show



Sloppy Joe’s Bar

One of the iconic bars of the Cuban capital recovered its glory of the 50’s of last century just eight years ago, after several decades of closure, thanks to a total repair led by the Office of the Historian of Havana.

Located on downtown Zulueta Street between Ánimas and Virtudes, Old Havana, it reopened its doors in April 2013 with new elements and also details that have always accompanied the bar: the long black mahogany bar and the same table and stool structure, rescued as part of the investment process. It has maintained an ambiance and decoration similar to those of the 1920s and 1930s, when it became famous throughout the Americas, comparable even to Don Pedro’s Bar Chicote on Madrid’s Gran Via, according to the critics’ opinions of that era.

Calle Zulueta No. 252 entre Ánimas y Virtudes, Habana Vieja.


La Imprenta

Located in a unique building in Old Havana, the restaurant La Imprenta today reminds us of Gutenberg’s invention and was remodeled over the ruins of the former 19th century La Habanera printing press. Styled like a graphic workshop, containing allegorical furnishings with numbered tables and wooden furniture, as well as desks and old equipment, customers can learn about the process of card printing and other media in former times.

The usual smell of inks from a printing press is replaced by the aromas of the exquisite dishes prepared by the chefs of the restaurant, whose menu is based on the fusion of Creole and international cuisine and use of a charcoal grill with a variety of meats and skewers, as well as stews and casseroles.

A wine list, cocktails and national and international drinks complete the menu of this unique establishment.

Mercaderes # 208, e/ Lamparilla y Amargura, Habana Vieja.


Factoría de cervezas y maltas Plaza Vieja

As its name suggests, this brewery is located in one of the five squares of Old Havana, in a house previously inhabited by María Francisca Calvo de la Puerta, Countess of Buenavista and wife of Don Pedro Pablo O’Reilly y de las Casas, II Count of O’Reilly, son of the Irish general Alejandro O’Reilly, who gave his name to the well-known Havana’s street.

Taberna de la Muralla opened its doors facing the Plaza on June 6, 2003, a mini brewery with a restaurant, a bohemian place with a lively cultural atmosphere.

It later changed its name to Factoría Plaza Vieja and expanded its service after September 16, 2010, with the opening of the well-known Maltera.

Factoría offers the client exquisite blonde, dark and black beers, as well as the delicious malt, brewed with Austrian technology on the premises, a process with quality guaranteed by qualified brew masters and that can be observed by the regular visitors. Creole dishes are also  offered, as well as mixed skewers, charcoal-roasted pork and a variety of entrees and a variety of hors d’oeuvres.

San Ignacio No. 368, esquina a Muralla, Habana Vieja.


Antiguo Almacén del Tabaco y la Madera

Built in 1906, using steel and reinforced concrete, this warehouse is one of the few industrial warehouses from the early decades of the 20th century preserved in Havana’s port area. It is one of those places where time seems to have stopped years ago, when everything was simpler and people were in less of a hurry.

From 1959 it was used for the Margarito Iglesias’ maritime-port terminal and in 2014 it was restored by the Office of the Historian of Havana and converted into a small brewery and restaurant.

Light, dark and black beer can be drunk here, brewed on the premises with Austrian technology by the expert hands of master brewers. It also has a very good selection of Cuban dishes prepared with seasonal products. Customers can enjoy this while delighting in a beautiful panoramic view of the bay of Havana.

Espigón Margarito Iglesias y Ave. Desamparado, Habana Vieja.

Giorvys Rodríguez +53 5286 5265 / Michael Morales +53 7869 5817
Irecelys Enriquez +53 5823 7710 / +53 7869 5488