If you like art then dress up with it

If you like art then dress up with it


By Lianet Hernandez

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If you like art then dress up with it

Good taste in fashion and a passion for art are not necessarily too far apart when it comes to dressing well.

Exclusive designers’ creations and wellknown brands can also incorporate artistic objects. It’s no wonder that the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) and other important museums throughout the world have periodic exhibitions dedicated to fashion.

Nevertheless, it’s not always the case that fashion is employed as an artistic prop, and it is possible to represent the history of art or the artistic creations of an artist with the fabric that is used in clothes.

Something like this has been achieved by Mecánica Distributiva Art Proyect, with its collection Ready to Collect, whose debut on Cuban catwalks occurred just over a year ago, and since then has been growing in success, even outside of Cuba.

The company, led by the Cuban visual artist Lázaro (Lacho) Martínez, aims to create an artistic spectrum for those people who love worldwide culture. With this objective in mind, they create with each production an authentic work of art with a great variety of mediums and techniques, fusing aesthetic and working concepts that meet a new kind of lifestyle led by good taste.

If you like art then dress up with it

The commercialisation of these works, which have already reached countries such as Germany, Mexico, Colombia and the USA, are now arriving in Havana. Modern designs of jackets, dresses, blouses, shirts, trousers, bags and other accessories can be found by those interested in this brand.

Those who opt for good taste with Mecánica Distributiva acquire an article of twofold value, thanks to this fusion of art and fashion. Moreover, another feature of this company is that the manufacture of identical articles is not allowed. Their goal is for each article that is manufactured to be one of a kind, thus producing an exclusive print.

Through good social networking Mecánica Distributiva has managed to increase its clients and creative associates, which in turn gives the company feedback so as to incorporate new and better creative ideas.

If you love art Mecánica Distributiva will help you dress up in it.