BOGA, Fashion for All

BOGA, Fashion for All


Photographer / Eduardo Rodríguez - Art Director / Eduardo P. Seiglie - Designer / Yudel Contreras for Centro Creativo FAMA - Make Up & Hair / Alessandro Miló

BOGA, Confecciones Textiles (Apparel) is dedicated to the production of clothing. BOGA offers something for everyone, regardless of age or sex, offering both traditional and modern fashion designs.

Among its leading products are the CRIOLLA guayabera for men, women and children, the NGU denim collection who received an award for its designs at the recent Havana International Fair 2014, in addition to other denim collections with the brand names FORTE, BRIOS and CONTINENTAL.

BOGA also has a complete line of casual and evening wear with known name brands: TU LINEA, REX, ORO, ZAMBRA, MARENI, ANDROS, among others, which have received different awards at various fashion events in the country.

BOGA markets all types of garments, including clothing for infants, layette, hotel uniforms as well as uniforms for companies and organizations, denim, fabric labels for brand and sizes, and men’s underwear made of cotton and blends.