Boga: King of Tailoring

Boga: King of Tailoring


By Mercy Ramos / Photos: José Meriño

Rex means king in Latin and the brand's distinctive golden crown marks a high quality, creative product that stays fresh and never gets old.

Plain fabrics as well as checks and stripes or combinations of all three result in a unique style.

There are three lines to choose from: one elegant, one casual and one youth line.

Behind the REX brand lies a story of thirty one years of experience. It has been registered with the Cuban Intellectual Property Office since 1986 via tailoring company Caonex (Unidad 8asica Empresarial de Confecciones Caonex), a subsidiary of the Cuban textiles company BOGA.

This leading brand won prizes for best product in 2014, 2015 and 2016 awarded by the Cuban Light Industry Group (Grupo Empresarial de la Industria Ligera GEMPIL).

At the 2015 Havana trade fair Rex won a gold medal for the quality of its product. At the 2016 CUBAINDU5TRIA Convention that took place as part of the FI MAE international fashion fair, the brand also took the top award for a shirt collection featuring forty six styles.

Each year the brand sells some fifty thousand units, mainly through the network of national stores.

Their checked, striped, printed and coloured shirts are crowned on the podium of trends. This is a piece that no day or evening wardrobe should be without, forming a part of good Cuban dress sense .