BOGA Setting Trends in Clothing

BOGA Setting Trends in Clothing


Boga's Business Manager, Ricardo Luis Aedo Astorga

Fashion enterprise Boga is the result of a merger of thirteen textile producers and a central creative and marketing team, creating fashion designs and samples. Located across the provincial Cuban capitals, it has a network of workshops making sportswear, dress apparel, and denim and linen pieces as well as business and institutional uniforms.

BOGA Setting Trends in ClothingBoga's Business Manager, Ricardo Luis Aedo Astorga, talked to Cubaplus about the influence that this national company has on the country's dress culture.

What has the company's work been about since its creation?

Boga has developed textile production to meet the demand for men's and women's clothing, for both younger and older markets, and reflecting both tradition and newer fashions in its designs, making its mark on the country's style culture.

It has had great results with the “guayabera”, the typical Cuban casual shirt, worn and marketed in all over the world.

Boga's goal for the production and distribution of the guayabera is not only to promote it nationally but also to market it internationally. The Lazo de Vega factory, with over 15 years' experience, produces 20 different guayaberas designs for men, ladies, young people and children. Thanks to its dedication and determination this product has won many awards for its quality, among them three gold medals in three different years at the Havana International Fair.

The denim and jeans production is also worth mentioning. The company has put its determination into the development of four big factories that produce men's and women's jeans, jackets, shorts and bermuda shorts under various brands sold in shops throughout the country. These also won awards at the 2014 Havana International Fair.

So Boga is bringing a large range of clothes to the market: kids' clothes, uniforms, denim, shirts, knitwear, linens, and more.

BOGA Setting Trends in ClothingOur workshops are provided with a strong technological base to satisfy the toughest demands of the textile industry.

How are the company's exports developing?

Our products are of export quality, and as in previous years, we are exporting the guayabera and other pieces including jeans and overalls. We also exported shirts and nightwear to markets such as Canada and Spain. Boga is developing new export opportunities, many companies have approached us wanting to buy some of our fashion ranges.

What are Boga's business perspectives?

Today more than ever we're seeing the possibility of doing business with foreign companies, looking at proposals of joint commercial operations as well as production contracts. We are on this path and open to offers from foreign investors. The ideal setting for these discussions is Havana's International Fair.