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Chueco, mundo infantil

Chueco, mundo infantil

Chueco, mundo infantil

Daniel, Diego and Darío are young brothers living a life that, thanks to good things coming together, will probably always keep them united. Their story is the result of a dream, of hard work they have watched as children and that will leave them with a legacy that they themselves have helped to build and represent, a legacy that once they are adults they can grow and strengthen, a dream come true.

Darío, the youngest, was born in 2010 and as a newborn he left the hospital, unlike most other Cuba newborns, wearing a blue Industriales baseball shirt. The shirt so captured the attention of everyone that saw it that the very same day the project presented on these pages was born.

Diego, the middle brother, who was the first to come into the world wearing a baseball suit, has a nickname that he’s grown up with and has learned to love: Chueco, &squinty". He has one slightly droopy eyelid due to a condition called ptosis of the eyelid, which gives him a very particular gaze, personal, slightly skewed and it is interesting for a children’s clothing project that his nickname has become the name of this dream: Chueco.

Daniel first arrived on a baseball pitch aged six and his first run was from home to third base. Today at thirteen he is a boy who plays sports very seriously, with passion and with results. Daniel always wears Chueco, the brand that was born with his brother.

His personality launched this project, a brand that thrills kids who play baseball and wait so eagerly every year for their uniforms, designed and created to make them feel like real athletes.

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