By Anayce Figueroa Oñate, Photos by Camila Designer: Anayce Figueroa & Yandy Salvy Díaz, Make up and hair: Miurkis and Models: Natali Soave & Fidel Álvarez

CRUXERO® is a casual wear design and manufacturing project, created in Havana in 2015 by Cuban designers who graduated from the ISDI (2003-2004).


It was first presented to the public at the International Craft Fair FIART 2015 and opened its workshop-store in August 2016.

Being the only brand of Cuban clothing having a space in the Gran Manzana Kempinski Hotel in Havana, in April 2017 it began marketing its products with the largest store chain in Cuba, TRD, creating CRUXERO® SOUVENIRS, a line of fashion clothing with graphics symbolic of Cuba and Havana. It is now in the process of creating a summer collection for the Varadero Marina tourist installations.

CRUXERO® products target young people who like casual fashion, that feel good being themselves and find their personal style reflected in its designs.

The project’s team of designers continuously studies international fashion trends and how young Cubans regularly dress, particularly in Havana daily life, 57 bring that influence to the style and turn it into an in-store product in a very short time.

Its goal is to produce a high quality product in terms of design and manufacturing, such that its pieces be seen at the same level as those made by foreign companies. It revalues Made in Cuba to a generation that prefers what comes from other countries. CRUXERO® has been able to place its brands above others for the exclusive products that Cuban people enjoy, such as: tobacco, coffee, and rum. We are present in social networks through where we establish contact with fans showing the latest designs, advertising, photos of clients, promotions and the latest events in which the brand has participated. Ongoing marketing and advertising have made CRUXERO® well-known in less than two years since its creation.