Denim Forever

Denim Forever


Designer: Manolo González Photographer: Sergio Trujillo

Denim textile has been emblematic from the end of the last century until today. In spite of its ancient origins, denim symbolizes of rebelliousness and modernity.

Denim ForeverFormerly denim was the coarse cloth with which jean and other types of clothing dedicated to heavy chores were made. Today denim is worn for all occasions, including evening casual attire.

Cuban designer Manolo González has been successfully working with denim. We present his collection “True Blue” to our readers, for which he received an award at the 2014 International Fair of Havana (FIHAV) and at the Habanamoda event.

Manolo González has been a fashion designer for the ALBA Clothing Company since 2003. During his professional career he has obtained numerous awards and has participated in international projects.

Among these are the FIHAV 2006 and 2007 awards, for the EVA and GNU Jeanswear lines, with runway presentations of his collections. In addition, he received the best clothing design award at the Transarte event in 2007 and 2012, and collaborated with Levis Spain, with men´s jeanswear designs, as well as with G-STAR and the Chinese company Sucess.