Donde Dorian, constant artistic creation

Donde Dorian, constant artistic creation



Known widely as a very professional and innovative stylist, Dorian Carbonell Fernández is currently considered an icon in the Cuban hairdressing industry.

With several years of experience in his profession, Dorian considers image design to be a process of constant artistic creation and qualifies it as personalized and rigorously professional work. “It’s complex work and in constant improvement. It requires technical knowledge, knowledge of fashion, art, good taste,” he said in conversation with CubaPLUS Magazine.

In order to achieve an innovative authentic image in the artist, he explained, an analysis of many factors is essential, taking into account elements such as the art form in which he works, its genre, the target audience of his work, the objectives and the content. In the case of a video clip or photo session, personal traits are analyzed in the order of bio-psycho-social, age, fashion trends at an international level and nationally.

Donde Dorian, constant artistic creation

“This work, he continued, is also a conciliation between the stylist and the artist, from where excellent suggestions arise and after conceptualizing the idea, the technical work of the professional stylist begins”.

I always try to make each design exclusive, that it carries the Dorian stamp and it is also fundamental that the artist feels comfortable and safe with the final result, and so is able to confidently defend that design in any visual platform in which he appears, he said.

For this professional it is gratifying when his designs are successful in the public, when they begin to set trends and revamp the pillars of styling in Cuba by raising it to a high level.

The quality and professionalism of his work can be appreciated in the countless number of loyal clients he has, among them the musicians Alain Pérez, Leoni Torres, Diván, the Charanga Latina orchestra and the group Toques del Río, among many others.


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