By Mercy Ramos Designer Roly Rius

On this occasion, we would like to present for your consideration laces, brocades, and very elaborate ribbon work, devoted above all to the young people of today, who are attracted to clothing that is well-made and contemporary, with colors appropriate to the tropics.Fantasy The pieces were created by Roly Rius, a talented Cuban designer who has won numerous national and international awards, including at Havana’s International Arts and Crafts Fair, the Havana Trade Fair, and Habanabell.

The current collection also includes a Spanish-inspired block, as well as sportswear and formalwear. With almost 25 years of professional experience, Roly Rius has been a designer for Boga, the center of reference for national fashion, and currently he is the designer for music and dance production company PMM and the famous Tropicana cabaret.

FantasyAccording to Roly, in Cuba there is Cuban fashion. His opinion is based on the fact that there are designers who are inspired by the island’s architecture, climate, tropical colors, and surroundings when they make their creations, and the final product is truly Cuban fashion. Accessories by Omar Alejandro, who has been working with Roly for the past 12 years