G.P., Beauty and Singularity

G.P., Beauty and Singularity


Designs by Guido y Pável (G.P.) / Photos and text by Sadiel Mederos Bermúdez / Make Up by María Isabel Campos Díaz / Models: Leidy, Marlon, Ana Flavia, Yoana and Dariel

Coherence and identity: Guido Asenjo conceives fashion as an expression of dreams and individual aspirations. Delicacy and exquisiteness: Pável López creates designs that stand out on the skin and bring out natural beauty.

G.P., Beauty and SingularityGuido and Pável, together known as GP, offer a unique perspective on Cuban fashion internationally. Since they won an award at a national Unknown Designer event in 2002, these artists have not stopped working. Their shows at the International Art Fair FIART, at national fashion event ExuberArte and at Art and Fashion, sponsored by the National Museum of Fine arts, have turned them into well-known national designers. In addition, they have collaborated with several bands as well dance and theater companies, demonstrating their ability to adapt to contemporary tastes.

Last year they presented a prêt-à-porter collection called Efecto Mariposa (Butterfly Effect) which teamed tones of black and white with metallic patterns in cotton, rayon and lace, ideal for the tropical climate.

This popular casual collection featured trendy crop-tops, pencil skirts, flared skirts and draper style transparent tops with chic, coquettish touches, as well as shirts, T-shirts and shorts.

Their latest 2015 collection, Pável and Guido enchanted with their lines of bathing suits and jackets inspired by Belle époque. The versatility of gray, the freshness of white and romanticism of black are interwoven in an eclectic style that accentuates shape and attitude.

G.P., Beauty and SingularityMilitary and nautical tailoring give form and strong lines to the figure, while Gothic details add allure, subdued for men and highlighted in the women's collection.

T-shirts are adorned with lace, purses are made of made of cloth, synthetic leather and satinwood, decorated with eyelets and clinches as well as hand drawings. Some designs feature images of Lily Elsie (1886- 1962), English singer and actress, who was the inspiration for the collection.


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