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Isis Flores a sigma woman between passions

By: Ernesto Acosta Montiel, Photos: Leo Mendez & Franklin Aguilar, Makeup & hair: Gean Carlos, Models: Gabriela Carreras, Melaine Wilma Valle
Isis Flores a sigma woman between passions

Mastering the Cuban music scene as a recognized example of the island’s pop rock, this popular artist presents her fashion brand, under her name, to demonstrate the close link between music and fashion. Her creativity and ingenuity can be seen as the result of her personal experience: “I’ve been passionate about drawing and visual arts since I was a child. My parents unveiled that world for me,” she told this publication. She presenting her first collection in her native Sancti Spíritus at the tender age of 19, entering the world of modelling and design under the tutelage of an influential Russian designer based on the island. “Viera Reynoso” is a permanent reference in my life”...

Isis FloresThe artist trained in different disciplines, associates sound with visual, and offers us  a symbiosis between the spectacular and the everyday. Her designs are characterised by their highlighting of feminine sensuality as an inseparable complement to elegance, imbued with her style and concepts.

This new collection has been very well received among followers of the brand and praised by her peers and specialists.

Already immersed in a new proposal to contribute to new trends and please the public, Isis Flores and her brand use success as a motivation to continue creating, designing and working.


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Isis Flores

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