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Jacqueline Fumero, a Cuban fashion icon

By: Mercy Ramos, Photography: Eduardo Rawdriguez, Asistance: Yordanis Gámez, MUA: Michel Rego, Models: Gabriela Carreras, Milena Rivalta & Malena Rivalta
Jacqueline Fumero, a Cuban fashion icon

Crossing the threshold of Jacqueline Fumero’s house is like entering a world of wonder because everything you find: furniture, decorations, paintings, lights... is located in the right place, with unparalleled elegance and beauty.


This is a reflection of someone who turns into gold every object that touches her hands, like the legend of King Midas. This shows in her design generally, as although her main activity is creating elegant yet functional clothing for women, she is also capable of designing trousseaus, jewellery, tableware and even, from time to time, men’s clothing.

A graduate of Medical Sciences, a profession she carried out for almost a decade, she traded her stethoscope for a pencil, without premeditation – like everything else in her life – although from a very young age she liked crafts and turned even a small disposable fork into an ornament.

But what really drove her to become a designer was her little daughter, who attended amateur groups and, among other activities, participated in catwalks. &Then", she told this magazine, &I decided to design her own dresses, and I ended up designing for all the girls who participated in those activities".

Fumero has spent over 15 years working as a designer and her brand, currently with a new look, symbolizes the change in perspective of self-fulfilment, mental and emotional maturity and the deep understanding of the meaning of life, using a dragonfly as the main iconographic element.

Her collections Swimwear, Resort Wear and Evening Wear have been exhibited in numerous events and endorsed by numerous recognitions such as the prestigious award of the Feria Internacional de Artesanía (FIART) in 2011.

The pieces presented today, dedicated to the summer, are a reflection of the good taste and sensuality of Cuban women today.

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