Jacqueline Fumero, Fashion Designer

Jacqueline Fumero, Fashion Designer


Model: Alexandra Kopachkov / Photos: Courtesy of Jacqueline Fumero

To think à la Mode in Cuba is to think of Jacqueline Fumero, who presented her “Youthful haute couture line” which combines materials such as silk and lace. Her traditional elegance, quality of finishes and refined lines are expressed in a wide range of colours, coupled with the design of accessories that complements the image. 

Jacqueline Fumero, Fashion DesignerIn the last International Crafts Fair (FIART 2011), held in December, the designer presented two collections.

The first was a new challenge in her career, moving into a novel and captivating children's line which won the applause of the public who attended FIART's inaugural catwalk. For this line she used natural fibre fabrics such as linen and cotton, as well as organza and silk. The second collection won the “FIART 2011 Catwalk” Prize, and consisted of a beach line using mainly chiffon and hand-painted cotton, complementing the costumes with accessories such as handbags, necklaces and hats. She is currently developing the design to be presented in the “Art and Fashion” event, inspired by “Maternity”, a work by Cuban silversmith Raúl Valladares.

Jacqueline Fumero, Fashion DesignerJacqueline Fumero, already recognized in Cuban fashion shows and on Cuban catwalks as well as in international exhibitions in Canada, Mexico, Panama and France, is gaining an ever greater space in the world of fashion. Her particular way of combining exquisite fabrics with traditional Cuban embroidery, suspenders and inlays makes her designs exclusive exponents of Cuban fashion at the international level.