Jacqueline Fumero, good taste and excellence

Jacqueline Fumero, good taste and excellence


Any reference to creative excellence and a socio-cultural impact on the world of fashion in Cuba brings up an essential name: Jacqueline Fumero. She is a designer whose talent, initiative and conceptual maturity are articulated in an expression of the art of fashion who stands out for her personal line.

Jacqueline Fumero, good taste and excellenceShe is well-known and appreciated in the most demanding circles for her rigorously designed collections, full of imagination, which include Mis Orishas (My Orishas), La astrología en la moda (Astrology in Fashion), and her creations for the Trinidad Project. In her work, Jacqueline has examined many different possibilities for women who like to dress with elegance, and who are savvy about requirements without losing their own personal touch.

She has created successful designs for any time of the day and any occasion, and concepts for the most demanding women, from teen-agers to the splendid mature woman, and she doesn't forget about children. Her creations are infused with freshness, according to the dynamics of each age.

The possibility of enjoying the latest production of this exemplary, enduring artist now has its own place, admired and appreciated by anyone with interest and good taste: the Jacqueline Fumero Café & Boutique in the Plazuela del Ángel, in the Cuban capital's historic district, Habana Vieja.

Jacqueline Fumero, good taste and excellenceThis space was a cherished dream for a long time, and now it is a reality. Here, you can appreciate Jacqueline's creations and also enjoy exquisite snacks, refresh your palate, or relaxedly sip one of the best coffees in the city.

The poet and novelist Miguel Barnet, author of the celebrated Biography of a Runaway Slave, admits: “This is where all of these marvellous things come together: the mastery of a designer, the airs of pure Cuban-ness, a demure and elegant ambience, a stimulus to one's sensitivity, a poetic atmosphere, an immersion in history, and a legitimate connection with universality.”


Café & Boutique Jacqueline Fumero, Compostela No.1 esq. Cuarteles, Plazuela del Ángel, Habana Vieja, Cuba
Tel. (537) 862 6562