MaryLola swimwear

MaryLola swimwear


Photos Courtesy of Anayce Figueroa, Make-up Edwing Ramírez, Model Nagdaly Wong (Nathaly)

In this issue we are proud to present a worldwide exclusive, Marylola, the new brand of swimwear created by talented Cuban designer Anayce Figueroa.

MaryLola swimwearAbove all, these designs are dedicated to please today’s modern, independent and in-love-with-life women. The swimsuits are crafted entirely by hand with additions of braided and woven materials.

This new brand claims exclusivity with production limited to very few examples.

Anayce establishes a close contact with her clients, creating unique pieces for them, not only considering the physical, but also the personality or feelings they want to express. She sees her work as a communication that shouts from the rooftops that the wearer is a glamorous woman. 

A graduate of the Institute of Industrial Design in 2004, specializing in costume design, Anayce has worked for the swimwear Vanesa and Náutico lines.