Mayelin Guevara: Rising up shining

Mayelin Guevara: Rising up shining


Photos: La Pistola de Moník

Mayelin Guevara started out as a jewellery maker in the 1990s, soldering copper rings to make a living.

Little did she know that the future would see her become a great jeweller and a renowned figure within the world of Cuban jewellery making.

She is very open minded in her choice of materials using anything from paper and glass to nylon, rope, plastic, wood, gold, silver and stones to create her pieces, turning them into true works of art.

Myelin Guevara: Rising up shiningWhat is most important to Mayelin when she is creating her pieces is to express herself, to reveal herself, show herself. Her main inspiration is life itself and the environment she lives in, which she considers varied and exuberant.

Numerous exhibitions and significant prizes attest to the success of her career, among others the Fashion, Textiles and Accessories prize at the 3rd Ibero-American Design Biennale for her collection Habana Noir.

The young jewellery maker says she lives in the present and doesn’t think about the future because she lets her work carry her forward.

“I do what I enjoy and it makes me feel good,” says the designer. “In Cuba, people are keen and creative, and I think there’s a great future for jewellery making in this country. The new generations are blazing a trail!”.