Mayelín Guevara

Mayelín Guevara


Photos by: Julio Alvite and Wilfredo Hernández / Model: Elizabeth Wong

Jewellery-maker Mayelin Guevara Domínguez works with artistic jewellery and fashion accessories; she won an award for Craftsmanship at the 2010 International Arts and Crafts Fair in Havana, and in 2012 she was the winner of the prize for Fashion and Complements at the 3rd Ibero-American Design Biennial, which was held in Spain and throughout Europe as “Emerging Design, Innovation and Future.”Mayelín Guevara

Guevara Domínguez's style is contemporary jewellery-making, and she is inspired by Art Deco architecture and the visual arts in general. She works with silver, semi-precious stones and precious woods.

Cel: +535 294 9053
Telf.: +537 202 7695