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Moldova / Cuba, two sources of inspiration

By: Mercy Ramos Fotografía: Jokerstudio Cuba (Josué Martínez) Producción, Maquillaje y Peluquería: Carlos Monzón Modelo: Camila Barquín
Moldova / Cuba, two sources of inspiration

Born in Moldova and settled in Cuba for several decades, she has not abandoned her roots, which in one way or another have always influenced the clothes she designs.

Moldova / Cuba, two sources of inspiration

For Maya Sierra, a designer who loves crochet knitting, this technique is her passion when it comes to conceiving a garment because all the apps and stitches that she creates with her wonderful accompanying team of knitters make up pieces in such a way that they shape her beautiful collections.

When it comes to creating costumes, she has numerous sources of inspiration including, she says, her state of mind: &Those challenges, those hurdles I cross in my work, are almost always defined by my moods and that is when everything I experience, I start to visualize in ways that I apply to crochet." To evoke those sensations, she usually uses movies, reading, music, a trip, or daily experiences, hence the diversity of figures in her creations.

When answering a question about Cuban fashion, Sierra considers that &there is great quality work that takes a long time to produce, and a lot of dedication, which is unknown to most people and that does not completely fulfill its social purpose."

This added to the objective and subjective difficulties that often come with commercialization, make not just fashion, but also clothing in the country a complicated and sensitive issue, since we are talking about a product of basic necessity," she considered.

Later she refers to the need to stimulate and promote events and activities where the country‘s creators can complete the work cycle because &the fashion world is extremely creative and can not give up or settle for not having publicity, not being recognized, hence the need for specialized publications and events where parades or catwalks are held, to see the development and the very existence of a national fashion."

The collections presented in this edition, called Nature and Contours, are a small sample of the magnificent work developed by this designer, 100% handmade, in which she uses crochet and two-needle techniques, always following the tradition of her ancestors.

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