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Mychel Suárez, musician accidentally-turned designer

Mychel Suárez, musician accidentally-turned designer

For this young designer, music is his great passion. However, he exchanged the world of eighth and sixteenth notes for scissors, thread and needles by chance, because shortly after living and working as a musician and singer in the Cuban capital, a friend asked for his help to make various garments for some artists.

Mychel Súrez, musician accidentally-turned designer

From that moment on and for three years he alternated his work as a musician and designer until he decided on the latter profession, in spite of his empiricism, because, as well as liking it, it provided him with greater economic stability. He then devoted himself entirely to design, particularly for men, as he considered this segment of the market somewhat forgotten, since almost all Cuban fashion designers are dedicated to creating for females.

With around two decades as a designer, the quality and acceptance of Camagueyan Mychel’s creative work, has seen his D`Zuarez brand tread numerous catwalks in Cuba and the world and occupy one of the main seats in the demanding world of fashion in the largest of the Antilles.

Mychel Súrez, musician accidentally-turned designer

It can be said that the Havana cultural center Fábrica de Arte was practically his home in the beginning. By now, however, he has managed to present his collections in different Cuban cities and other countries, including Peru, where he has established himself as a designer, Bolivia, Mexico, Panama, Canada, Spain, France and Italy, among others.

One of the most recent catwalks that had great impact in the national market was, without a doubt, Caminar La Habana (Walk Havana), held in November 2019 on the 500th anniversary of the Cuban capital. On that occasion, the downtown boulevard of San Rafael was the scene of a great performance with 100 models, 50 dancers and 40 children from children’s companies, who showed off an impressive display of accessories, casual, sports, dress and fancy dress.

The garments presented in this edition, aimed at young men, are just a small preview of the projects that this young entrepreneur has in mind, and on getting to know his work, you will surely fall in love with the esthetics and beauty of his clothes.

Designer: Mychel Súrez

Photographer: Daniel Mendoza

Make up: Dorian Carbonell

Production. Karla Súrez

Jose Carlos Fernández
Jonathan Espinoza Santander
Wilfredo Meneses Anazco
Yosbel Hernández Companioni

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