Bymara and Marajai walk successfully around the world

Bymara and Marajai walk successfully around the world



Bymara and Marajai are two footwear brands that are already “walking” very successfully around the world, the work of Cuban designer Yaimara Muñoz, a great lover of shoe design who has managed to position herself in a prominent place in the world of these accessories.

Bymara and Marajai walk successfully around the world

Already known in markets such as Madrid and Alicante, in Spain, United Arab Emirates, where Princess Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi is her most loyal client; in Miami and, of course, in Cuba, their creator considers that her work is within her, because every day she gives 300% to design, studying all the details of women, always respecting the culture and origin of future consumers.

In an interview given to CubaPLUS Magazine, the young designer recalled: “Since I was a child, I have always been attracted to footwear and I somehow connected to the world of art as a hobby, and a part of me already imagined how to make shoes.

My two brands,” she explained, “were born in the city of Alicante, known internationally as the City of Footwear, where I have lived for more than 10 years, surrounded by generations of families dedicated to the fashion industry.” “The positioning,” she continued, “came after years of work, looking for the difference in the international market, looking for the need and demand that has positioned our products.”

In her work, Yaimara usually uses high quality materials, such as snakeskin, leather, and others such as vegan: natural fibers that always give an innovative touch to the sustainable material.

Moreover, she referred to her presence in international fairs and exhibitions, among which she mentioned Micam, in Milan, Italy, and Premiere Classe Paris. “In addition to that,” she said with satisfaction, “in 2019 I had the pleasure of receiving an award at Palazzo Versace in Dubai, granted by Princess Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi.”

As for the influence the current pandemic has had on the development of her work she pointed out that "in my sector, as in all, it has made us reflect in general, changing to new ways of working, even the process of creating my latest collections.

Always looking for the bright side,” she specified, “we have created a collection in line with the current time, recycling materials and opting once again for fashion. Our work philosophy has always been to respect the environment and mass consumption has never interested us: less is more.”

Finally, she spoke of her future plans, within which she has her country in sight: “At the moment we are preparing a brand new collection for the Havana Biennial.”


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