Oliva Filigrees

Oliva Filigrees


Photos: Sadiel Mederos.

A filigree is a fine thread, twisted with hundreds or thousands of other threads, arranged in artistic motifs. Sometimes it is a unique, unrepeatable, surprisingly simple piece. As delicate and surprising as each of the threads that make it up, the filigree goes beyond - it is the technique, the magic by which the man with the talent, patience and creativity incorporates a bit of himself in each fragment. Jorge Oliva has dedicated his life to sculpture and filigree.

Oliva, youngest winner of the Unesco Prize for his dedication to an art in danger of extinction, a unique expression, a language that has almost disappeared in our region, the rescue of the craft of weaving dreams and embroidery ideas, has dedicated his life to promoting a style of jewellery metalwork, where each jewel is a true work of art. He creates highly artistic products sought by people who are sensitive to originality and elegance.

This year the aforementioned award will celebrate its 20 years, keeping alive the idea that filigree is much more than a thread and a technique: it is the irrefutable truth that the best thing in life springs from one’s own hands.