In praise of Katia Gil

In praise of Katia Gil


By Gladys Egües Cantero Photos by Ivian and Cubaplus

I am sure. Behind a face, an image, there must be a story. This is most true when Cuban fashion model Katia Gil Correa is seen and admired. Miraculously, she transforms and recreates an intimate and plural universe around every proposed wardrobe; that enchantment of essences flowing from elegance and the most exquisite taste.

In praise of Katia GilWe often think that the world of clothing and its accessories are associated with a certain foolishness favoring only physical beauty without providing thought its rightful space. People may not understand that education, instruction and an extensive and disciplined training are essential.

"I have never tried to be a doll. My life is an example of personal effort, of fighting for what I think is important. As a child I was tall and skinny. At school, I was the last in the row in the class and didn't have the preferred traditional rounded shape. I could never have imagined that those features would be a trademark for the profession I chose. I did know, however, that whatever I did, I would do well. That is an unbreakable principle."

That apparently bewitching world ensnared her in her adolescence. One day in 1990, she daringly involved herself in a fashion show celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Cuban teen magazine Muchacha. She walked the Cuba Pavilion, located in downtown Havana, and from that moment she chose that path. There were no doubts. That seductive transition from permanent to ephemeral in the exhibition of a dress became a desire and a goal. She then had to prepare herself.

She changed radically. Katia changed from studying biology in college to subjects closer to her goals. She studied dance, theater, artistic direction and production, foreign languages, computer skills and read a series of essential materials on the history of wardrobe, make-up, 20th century fashion design, Cuban architecture and culture, social habits, etiquette ... Katia shaped herself step by step.

In praise of Katia Gil"By mentioning names I might forget all of those who supported me in the beginning. I spent some time in the fashion group Encanto. Later, a very important moment, both personally and professionally was the International Crafts Fair (FIART) in 1999. I felt accomplished."

"I have already spent two years at La Maison house of fashion. I have worked as a model and teacher. Now I am the general producer of all models' work. I am proud of my job and am as enthusiastic as on my first day."

"I don't smoke or drink and I love taking long walks. I go to the gym and dress simply. I don't use make up every day so that the skin might breathe. That is part of my daily routine and some advice I offer. Life is very demanding and I am always ready."

In these pages we see Katia with her closest designers: Ismael de la Caridad, Viera Reinoso, Maya Sierra, FX4, and from Serbia, Verica Rakocevic. Pavel Marrero and Edwin Ramírez are the stylists.