Soy Luz, the Perfect Sensation of the Jewel that You Are

Soy Luz, the Perfect Sensation of the Jewel that You Are


December 1st is San Eloy Day (patron saint of jewellers and silversmiths in the world) and on this day the “Soy Luz” (I Am Light) project was born. This project brings together five artists of contemporary Cuban jewellery to make a fashion statement that recognizes, within the functional diversity and style of each creator, a common purpose and renewed artistic work. Its members are: Yaniel Rodríguez Benítez, Iván Abrahantes Delgado, César Villalón Cotilla, Thelvia López Marín and Julio Andrés Campos Vandama.

Soy Luz, the Perfect Sensation of the Jewel that You AreThe combination of faith, magic, strength, love and light that the these artists' handmade jewellery represent is the result of dedicated hard work, in an effort to capture beauty and modernity in each piece. It is an exercise that lifts the spirit, overcoming the limits imposed by metalworking thereby creating an object of wonder and delight that attracts the public to be part of this adventure of shapes and dreams.

Anyone, regardless of age, profession or social status can be attracted by the charm of the stones, the colors and the vibrations that these goldsmiths extract from the metal. The jewellery marketed through this project arouses interest because everyone aspires to wear such perfection and beauty.

Among the project's many qualities are its flexibility, varied themes and creating to clients' tastes. These goldsmiths' works cover a wide spectrum, ranging from designs in line with international fashion to unique pieces made for specific customer tastes and jewels made with corals from the Cuban sea.

It is for all of these reasons that we now give you the unique opportunity to create, think and experience the beam of light through these pieces and that you, as part of them, can create.