Suchel Regalo

Suchel Regalo


By: Suchel, Green Tobacco Leaves

Súcheli Flores Blancas (Súcheli White Flowers) is a fragrance of flower notes, created using as a basis the smell of Plumieria flowers, a Caribbean plant bearing the flower that gave the soap and perfume company its name,”Lily Suchel”.

This delicate fragrance combines essential oil blends and amber and musk scents, allowing for the natural smell of the flower to be captured.

The Aztecs used to say that “God came from this flower”; it is nature´s gift to mankind.

A citrus fragrance with a hint of green tobacco, original and refined, identifying it with our local tobacco and incomparable forest greenery. The aromatic notes bring out a unique product made up of a harmonious mix of essential oils of bergamot, lemon, orange and tangerine, creating a very raw, masculine scent.