Tradition Revival

Tradition Revival


What words or phrase can describe the work of designer Lourdes Trigo? Certainly patience, determination, and creativity come to mind; above all, an artistic view combining traditional handicrafts with the modern trends of international fashion.

Tradition RevivalHer vocation and restless creativity led her into the fashion world and her first presentation of designs in 1987. Lots of effort and many years in this world have been crowned with prestigious awards and prizes like the 2004 FIART (International Art Fair) Award, the 2006 UNESCO Seal of Excellence Award and the National Handcraft Mastery Award, among others.

The preponderance of her work is with cotton, linen and silk, and is branded by a very personal style. Her style was developed by rescuing nearly disappeared traditional techniques of needle work, using as inspiration the exuberant Cuban nature and the ornamental motifs of the eclectic architecture of her hometown, Cienfuegos.

Her designs, exquisitely understated elegance, carry the undeniable stamp of Cuba in every stitch of her creations.