Casa del Habano Partagás your friends’ friend

Casa del Habano Partagás your friends’ friend

Heritage & Traditions

By Mercy Ramos Photos: Courtesy of Tiendas Caracol

05-habano-partagas-1.jpgLovers of the renowned Cuban cigar brand have a yearly opportunity to gather in the Cuban capital to take part in an exclusive event where they can enjoy the island’s famous tobacco and discover its tobacco plantations among other activities.

The event has become known as the Encuentro de Clientes y Amigos de Partagás – a gathering of Clients and Friends of Partagás – since those who flock to it are regulars at the Casa del Habano Partagás that opened in 1993 in the old royal cigar factory, la Real Fábrica de Tabacos, in Old Havana. This Casa del Habana was the first of its kind in Cuba. It is owned by the Caracol business group and forms part of a franchise network comprising over 140 Casas del Habano across the world.

Every November for the past eighteen years, the venue has attracted more than four hundred cigar aficionados from every continent, lovers of the art of good smoking.

The last event drew cigar smokers and specialists from Albania, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bahamas, Cameroon, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, Puerto Rico, Polynesia, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tahiti, UEA, the UK, the USA and Venezuela.

Casa del Habano Partagás your friends’ friendAccording to the director of the famous tobacco house, Grecia Quiñones, participants enjoyed a wide array of activities including a day in the countryside, a beach day, welcome dinners and a gala.

This year cigar fans will once again have the chance to take part in this event from November 13- 17, five marvelous days packed with activities and endless opportunities to enjoy the best cigars in the world.