Ernesto Milanés Art and Cigars, Hand in Hand

Ernesto Milanés Art and Cigars, Hand in Hand

Heritage & Traditions

By Mercedes Ramos / Photos by the artist

ernesto-milans-art-cigars-11.jpgTo Ernesto Milanés, artist lately turned artisan, an interest in cigars fostered his making of beautiful humidors, true masterpieces having the virtue of preserving cigars in optimal shape for smokers.

Milanés was born in Santiago de Cuba more than three decades ago and considers himself an artist who enjoys craftwork, especially humidors. Some of his works have been sold at auction at international cigar events and the profits donated to the Cuban health system.

He told us that one of his humidor making techniques got started when a friend asked him if he could use the molding from a picture frame to make a humidor. He became enamored of working with that genre and, fortunately, it has been well received by humidor aficionados.

According to Milanés, the greatest influence on his work is that of “my master, friend and advisor, Roberto Fabelo (one of the most important contemporary Cuban artists), whom I greatly admire. His teaching and advice to continue advancing in my art have given me lots of strength.”

Among his future plans are to continue working hard, experimenting with new techniques and discovering new materials with which to make art.

Ernesto Milanés Ruiz

Santiago de Cuba, 1967

He studied at the Elemental School of Arts in Havana and later entered the San Alejandro Academy, specializing in sculpture.


Ernesto Milanés Art and Cigars, Hand in Hand

Dec 28, 2001 - Jan 28, 2002 - Representing Cuba in “Galería Turquesa” a collective exhibit in Cancun, Mexico.

Feb 14, 2004 - April 14, 2004 - “Desde la Obscuridad” personal exhibition at Teatro Mella, Tina Modotti Art Gallery, in Havana.

March 8, 2004 - April 8, 2004 - Personal exhibition at the National Cultural Products Office in Havana.

April 30, 2004 - “Habana Fusión” personal exhibition at Morro - Cabaña Complex.

August 2004 - “Habana” Building Sculptures and Paintings Exhibit in Miramar Trade Center Lobby.

July 3, 2006 - Oct 25, 2006 - Jerusalén Building, personal exhibition of sculptures and paintings in Miramar Trade Center Lobby, “Collective exhibit in Miramar Trade Center's Beijing Building (10 years of Monte Barreto and Art)

January 11 - Feb 11, 2007 - “Luz de tu Ausencia” paying tribute to Celia Sánchez, collective exhibit at San Francisco de Asis Convent and José Martí Memorial

August 11 - Sept 20, 2007 - “Pensar en Fidel”, collective exhibit, Alejo Carpentier Universal Art Gallery.

Nov 19, 2007 - April 20, 2008 - “Che, Reflejo de América” personal exhibit at Prado Y Neptuno Restaurant