From My Kitchen

From My Kitchen

Heritage & Traditions

By Silvia Mayra Gómez Fariñas

We found this dessert in Paradiso (Paradise in English), novel of the great Cuban writer José Lezama Lima. One of its chapters describes the menu of a family supper, where Lady Augusta, the main character’s grandmother, enjoys herself and gives a touch of originality and simplicity to the meal with a crema helada (iced cream).

This dessert is easy and quick to prepare. As Lady Augusta says,“It’s the simple things we make in Cuban cuisine, the most basic sweets, that become incomparable for the palate”.

The novelist writes:

“At the end of the meal, Lady Augusta wanted to do something different with the dessert. She used champagne glasses to serve the most delicious iced cream. After the family showed such huge appreciation for the dessert, Lady Augusta shared her recipe”.

Iced Cream (4 servings)


Combine coconut, pineapple and condensed milk in a bowl. Sprinkle with cream of anise. Refrigerate and serve in glasses, chilled.


1 can of grated sweet coconut

1 can of grated sweet pineapple

½ can of condensed milk

Cream of anise