Partagás House Anniversary

Partagás House Anniversary

Heritage & Traditions

Text and photos by Jerome Mix

Partagás House Anniversary

One of the most renowned brands in the world of Cuban cigars, Partagás, celebrated the 15th anniversary of its Cigar House and the 17th of its Friends Meeting with great fanfare.

The emblematic Partagás Cigar House celebrated its 15th anniversary with an international meeting in the Cuban capital with more than 400 people from different countries attending.

Each year the House, considered by experts one of the most important facilities of its kind, organizes two meetings for its usual customers and other smokers from the rest of the world.

This year the event had a special bonus with the celebration of its 15th anniversary. The Partagás House was the second created by the Casa del Habano franchise owned by Habanos S.A. that already has more than 140 houses all over the world and is considered a symbol of Premium Cuban cigars.

Casa del Habano opened its first store in Cancun, Mexico, with Partagás its second and the first in Cuba and the one with the largest sales and customer appeal.

partagas-house-anniversary-7.jpgLocated behind the Cuban Capitol in Havana at the Partagás factory founded by Don Jaime Partagás in 1845, the house is fitted with a pleasant shop and a VIP room that has been visited by important figures in the arts and politics, like French actor Gerard Depardieu or US filmmaker Steven Spielberg. During this 15th Anniversary and 17th Friends Meeting, the organizers welcomed smokers from Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Grand Cayman, USA, Belgium and Switzerland.

For this occasion the House cigar maker Leopoldina Gutiérrez prepared special cigar types like the Mareva, Robusto, Pirámide, Julieta and Corona Gorda vitolas to be smoked at the meeting.

The welcome ceremony was held at the Havana Cafe Hall of the Meliá Cohiba Hotel. Other activities included a city tour, a day in the countryside and the farewell gala with a auction-raffle and a show.

Cuba is a place famous for its cigars, the best Premium class in the world due to its climate, soil and producers' experience and, among its brands, Partagás is one most in demand.