A Necessary Clarification

A Necessary Clarification

Heritage & Traditions

By: Diana Díaz and Rey Almira

In the last several years we’ve often seen photos taken by Alberto Korda, posted in books, newspaper articles, documentaries and exhibitions of Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara playing golf. At the time Castro and Guevara were respectively Prime Minister and Minister of Industries.

A Necessary ClarificationThere are different versions of what took these leaders to the golf course, as well as assumed places and dates of the game. We want to clarify and provide precise information related to the context of the event.

We talked to a witness that took part in the event, Captain Antonio Núñez Jiménez, Director of the National Institute of Agrarian Reform at the time.

A Necessary ClarificationIn his book En Marcha con Fidel (On the Go With Fidel) 1961, Núñez Jiménez wrote:

As we looked for locations for future school centers, Fidel, Che and myself went through the Bacuranao zone, east of the city of Havana. When we got to the Colinas de Villarreal (Hills of Villareal), we noticed that we were on a golf course, it was March 29,1961.