The Exciting World of Perfume

The Exciting World of Perfume

Heritage & Traditions

By: Nancy Lescaille

Readers will be captured by Leonel Amador´s book entitled Perfumistas y Perfumes (Perfumers and Perfume), the first book written in Cuba on the formidable, suggestive and magical world of perfumery.

Leonel Amador has been working in perfumery for about 55 years, “ training in one way or another all Cuban perfumers” and 20 years ago decided to write a book. Speaking to this magazine, the author explained that the volume “is a combination of a variety of subjects that make it an encyclopedia of perfumery”.

The Exciting World of Perfume“Without getting away from scientific principles that feed international perfumery, I use language that everyone can understand, not too scientific nor technical, and where one can easily discover things that are of interest to him”.

“Perfumes”, says Leonel, ¨are intimately tied to the life of every human being. They are part of the culture of ancient civilizations and share the most beautiful part of its roots¨.

This text is not only directed at perfumers and those who work in perfumeries, but also towards the general public interested in knowing who is Paco Rabanne, Christian Dior... who made Rabanne, Dior, Jean Patou, Chanel perfumes and others.

The perfumer explained that he wanted to “reveal the secrets of the trade, myths, anecdotes and concepts, which have been transferred from generation to generation and whose products we feel admiration for, which have become part of our lives”.

In the journey through the history of perfumery, the author begins with cavemen, talks about the olfactory preferences in pre-Columbian America, among Arabs, in Asia, in India, Europe and especially France with its notable creators; and Cuba. He addresses the activity of perfumers and perfumeries, fragrance trends, the appearance of the first bottles of “L ‘Effleurt”, by François Coty, exclusively designed for him by René Lalique.

The book also talks about a sublime tale of the famous love story that shook Havana in the last century, that of Catalina Lasa and Juan Pedro Baró.

Leonel Amador is the founder of the perfume industry in Cuba and at the top of the list of its fragrances appears the Alicia Alonso perfume, inspired by the legendary prima ballerina assoluta, creator of the National Ballet of Cuba.

Perfumistas y Perfumes , published by Editorial Nuevo Milenio, has 404 pages, “is structured in three parts, has 229 sharp, beautiful illustrations with an atypical format of two columns so as to keep it in one volume”, explained experienced editor María Luisa Acosta Hernández.

The first presentation of this gem of a book (5,000 copies) about the craftsmen of his wonderful trade that brings together art and science will take place from February 12 to 22, 2015 at the 24th International Book fair in the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña, Havana, one of the most popular cultural events on the Island. The event will then extend itself to the rest of the country through April. On this occasion the fair is dedicated to the Republic of India, as guest country of Honor, and will also honor writers Olga Portuondo Zúñiga and Leonardo Acosta Sánchez.