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Havana 490th Anniversary

By: Photos by: Tito Meriño and PUBLICITUR
Havana 490th Anniversary

Thousands of people gathered around the historic ceiba tree at the Templete (small temple) monument in Old Havana to wait for midnight on November 16. The tree is on the spot where the official founding of the city took placer in 1519.

Havana 490th AnniversaryAs tradition dictates, those waiting made their silent three turns around the tree. At each turn they made a wish; some to Christian saints, others to the orishas of Nigeria, and others to the spirits of their dead relatives. Most of the wishes are related to peace, prosperity and health for the beautiful capital and its inhabitants. Photos by Tito Meriño and PUBLICITUR Giraldilla: Symbol of Havana. Old Square: restorationrsquo;s ground zero.

Havana is the main tourist spot in the country and its historic centre was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1982 for its beauty and architecture.

Havana 490th AnniversaryThanks to restoration efforts carried out by city authorities, led by city historian Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler, little by little the city has been recovering its unparalleled youth and beauty, not only for the approval of present in habitants, but for future generations.

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